What is good? I recently saw facebook post of a friend who stated that he believed in there is a great potential for good in people, but his faith (my word) in that potential was challenged by the “bad” behavior of so many people.  His defense against such people was to push himself harder to do good to and for others.  He also encouraged others to join him in his campaign to do good. Obviously, I want to join his campaign and most of his readers and friends do also.

But that got me to thinking: what is good? I am a follower of Christ. Because of that, i have an objective and external (i.e., outside of and unaffected by this material universe) standard for goodness. I am not going to go into the details about that here, but I wonder…if you don’t believe in an objective and external standard of goodness, then how…how does one measure goodness? It seems like no matter what you do, it is like putting a stake on a snowy mountain side. The stake is not going to stay put. Snows melt. Blizzards bury. Glaciers move. Avalanches annihilate.

But we all want to do good, don’t we?  It feels right to want to do good and to actually do good? Right? So, how do we know that we are doing good? If it feels right? Maybe.

How about this thought: I propose that all of us think that we are doing good or at least don’t think that we are doing evil. Further, I propose that villains (of both the superhero and everyday variety) think that they are doing good or at worse do not think their actions are evil. If we think that we might possibily be doing something not so good, we justify and rationalize how our actions are not evil and perhaps are good.